Soundqubed U4-500 Amplifier


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U4-500 - Designed & Engineered in the USA


The U4-500 multichannel full-range amplifier provides ample power for UTV, boats, touring motorcycles, dune buggies, and other adventure craft! These full-range amplifiers are powerful, stable, and take up very little space. Because of the small form factor, you can run a sub, mids, and highs from one amp when space is at a premium.

Unlike our monoblock amplifiers, Utility Series amplifiers will drive the full frequency range of music to more than just subwoofers. This 1 ohm stable multichannel full-range amp powers subs, mids, and highs for those who like to play hard.

Versatile filtering and crossover settings let you power and tune a variety of system designs. Because of their high output and small footprint, the U4-500’s are ideal for very loud outdoor PA builds and speaker arrays. Bridging 2 channels at a 2 ohm load yields about 1200 W RMS for enough power to drive a serious subwoofer.

For daily driver vehicles with a standard speaker configuration, the Q4-150 coupled with an S Series monoblock will give you a more appropriate amount of power.

Let’s look at a simple system built around a U4-500 (given the appropriate charging upgrades). Channels 1 and 2 each power a separate pair of QP-MR6.5 midrange woofers. Bridging channels 3 and 4 puts out around 1200 W RMS at a 2 ohm load. That’s plenty of power for a HDS3.210 or HDS3.212 subwoofer. With 500 W RMS per channel, there are plenty of options to amplify your adventure.

Make sure your charging system is up to the challenge of powering a full-range amplifier. We do not recommend running the U4-500 on a stock electrical charging system. Upgrading your alternator, wiring, and battery will each help avoid damaging drops in voltage and/or current.

The U Series Amplifiers require between 12-14.8 V from a charging system. AGM 12V batteries are a good fit. Lithium batteries that don’t require high voltage are also a good choice when running a full-range amp. Powersport battery upgrades are available in various designs that give you added juice with limited space in mind.

U Series Amplifiers do not have an IP rating. You should completely avoid submersion and/or saltwater environments. The amp casing doesn’t have sealed edges to keep water out. However, the circuit board has a water resistant coating to protect against humidity or very small amounts of incidental moisture.



  • Channels 4ch
  • Cont Wattage @ 4ohm  4x150
  • Cont Wattage @ 2ohm  4x250
  • Cont Wattage @ 1ohm  4x500
  • S/N Ration >100dB
  • Input Voltage Sensitivity 8 - 0.2
  • Power Wire Gauge – In 4
  • Speaker Wire Gauge – Out 16
  • Diminesions (in) 7.3 x 8.9 x 2.5
  • Dimensions (mm) 185 x 225 x 65

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