DLS Audio CCi500-40 Mono Amplifier


CCi500-40 - Designed & Engineered in Sweden


DLS proudly celebrate our 40-year Anniversary by releasing some very special products. CCi500-40 is a special edition dedicated Subwoofer amplifier, with deep-black anodized heatsink and gold-plated detailing which visually matches its companion DLS class AB amplifier CCi44-40 perfectly.

Designed and sound tuned by Gordon Taylor in cooperation with DLS Sweden, the CCi series amplifiers all share the unique intelligent cooling of the small footprint casing. All made with the highest build quality and attention to details that made DLS amplifiers famous all over the Car Audio World.

The CCi500-40 is very conservatively specified to deliver 1×550 W RMS in 1 Ohm class D for subwoofers so there is power to spare even in demanding applications.

Say DLS Reference amps and it inspires respect and expectations! 

DLS people have with the new Reference steps outdone themselves with rage! With further developed components, which sounds better and is much more efficient, the size of the step can be shrunk by more than 50%. The sound quality thanks to sound guru Gordon Taylor reached levels that we never heard of this class. The size is astoundingly small. CCi-500 occupies only 2 liters volume and oozes quality feel! 

DLS CCi-500 is a monoblock made for 1-4 subwoofer. By optimizing the amplifier for its task, to drive the subwoofer, this DLS monoblock pick the best and most from the subwoofer. Dazzling resolution, control and effectiveness. 

The amplifier can be loaded down to 1Ω. Built 30 Hz subsonic filter and the low pass filter can be adjusted from 35 to 250 Hz. Bass Boost adjustable 0-6dB gives extra punch in the bass. 

Sturdy connections for up to 33 mm power cable and 10 mm speaker cable. 

DLS CCi-500 also has speaker level input for car stereo that lacks preout. Startup can be selected when high-level use. DLS has put extra work on optimizing the sound quality of high-level input and able to handle the large variation in signals that the OEM car stereo delivers.



  • Compact and powerful mono amplifier with a power of 800 Watts RMS @ 1 ohm load
  • A popular and good power amplifier with high reliability
  • An amplifier for both amateurs and professionals
  • Built-in low-pass filter for subwoofers, variable between 35 and 250 Hz. Selectable 12 / 24 dB slope
  • Built-in protection circuits shut down the amplifier in the event of overloads
  • BASS BOOST adjustable 0 - +6 dB
  • Damping factor >140
  • S/N ratio, A weighted: 97 dB
  • Remote bass level control is included
  • High level input with automatic start
  • RMS output power @ 14.4 V
  • RMS output power
  • 1x 200W (4Ω)
  • 1x 370W (2Ω)
  • 1x 550W (1Ω)
  • Powerful 1 channel Class-D amplifier
  • Built-in/switchable low pass and subsonic filters
  • Speaker High-Level inputs with auto-turn-on function
  • Internal cooling fan & Built-in protection circuits in the event of overloads
  • Bass boost function @ 45Hz
  • Incl. Remote Sub level control
  • Compact dimensions for easy installation
  • Damping factor >140
  • Input impedance >22kohm
  • Input impedance, high level: 45ohm
  • Weight: 2,4Kg
  • Power requirements
  • Power consumption (idle): 0,8A
  • Power consumption (max): 80A
  • external fuse: 60A
  • Wiring recommendation
  • Power cable: 2GA / 35mm²
  • Speaker cable: 8GA / 10mm²
  • Dimensions: 129 x 320 x 54 mm

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