DLS Audio CCi4 amplifier


CCi4 - Designed & Engineered in Sweden


The choice of the power amplifier in the car quite a serious business in which it is difficult to decide personally, as it requires at least listen to some desirable options in your system, which is rather problematic, and often, not really organized in practice. Therefore, when choosing an amplifier to rely on the manufacturer's name and experience, tips honest dealer or installer, the experience of others.

The most important and basic characteristics, which tend to rely when choosing an amplifier - power. However, it is worth noting that many firms deliberately overstate it to mislead the consumer, and some underestimate the contrary, to go to the lower classes more competition in mobile media. Power amplifier DLS CC-4 should be considered only nominal, and maximum peak is not characteristic, which rely. Thus it is desirable to consider that when you specify the rated power of all major manufacturers always indicate the SOI (THD) and to compare different power amplifiers can only be equal to its value. Also worth considering denomination fuses on the amp are usually current consumption - a key indicator that shows the power. In case of choosing an amplifier for acoustic more important criterion should be considered sound quality amplifier power is important for the subwoofer in the system. Be aware that an indicator of the severity of the manufacturer's approach to the manufacture of the amplifier is a certificate with a serial number and manual metering power amplifier that goes with it included.

Built-in crossover amplifier DLS CC-4 allows you to cut unwanted frequency channels. It is used to hide the subwoofer ultra-low frequencies, as well as mid-bass and everything above it. When connected to acoustics - to cut low frequencies that speakers do not reproduce. As a complement, there is increased bass at the selected frequency, the adder channels.As a rule, small amplifier set correctly in that it requires more played it properly set up and adjust, so the more built-in adjustments to the power amplifier, the better.

Class AB amplifiers have a relatively small capacity, but very good sound quality. Class D amplifiers have more power at a low sound quality, suitable for subwoofers. Also worth mentioning that the Class-D amplifiers are compact enough of their dimensions.

When choosing a power amplifier in the car is to pay special attention to the manufacturer, his experience in the manufacture of amplifiers, the workmanship of the amplifier made on how the terminals for wiring on the weight of the unit.And of course buy a thing is not possible to check when buying only from honest sellers with experience more than one year in the field of car audio.

Get power, as stated in the response of the amplifier DLS CC-4 can only be competently By installing it using the cross section of wires required. Savings on wires usually leads to the fact that the amplifier does not give what he could. Setting themselves, without experience or an electrician, who like all know, but amplifiers never put so often leads to tragic consequences, as when the claps, backgrounds, not sound quality.



  • Number of channels: 4
  • Amplifier class: AB
  • Output power in 2 ohm: 4 x 70 Watt
  • Output power in 4 ohm: 4 x 50 Watt
  • Mono bridge mode 4 ohm: 2 x 140 Watt
  • Damping factor: >250
  • S/N ratio, A-weighted: >110 dB
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz - 50 kHz
  • Input sensitivity: 1 - 4 Volt
  • Input impedance: 6k ohm
  • Input impedance, high level: 45 ohm
  • High level input with auto start: Yes
  • Remote bass level control: No
  • Low level output: No
  • Remote phase shift control: No
  • Filters channel A & B: HP 50 - 500 Hz, LP 50 - 500 Hz
  • Filters channel C & D: HP 50 - 500 Hz, LP 50 - 500 Hz
  • Power consumption (idle): 0.5 A
  • Power consumption (max): 40 A
  • Rec. power cable: 16 sq mm ( 5 AWG)
  • Fuses: 2 x 20 A
  • Dimension (W x D x H): 129 mm x 250 mm x 51 mm (5.07" x 9.85" x 2")
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • EAN Bar code: 7331644329404
  • Built-in/switchable low-pass and high-pass filters
  • THD at 5W, 1 kHz. <0.02%
  • Built-in protection circuits shut down the amplifier in the event of overloads
  • Hi-level input with Auto start
  • Use it for a front system and a subwoofer

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