Digital Designs 6.5" subwoofer DDSW6.5-D4


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The SW6.5 is dynamite in a small package. This is a true 6.5" sub woofer, perfect for those space challenged installs that still demand a big sound. This little guy will perform superbly in an enclosure with as little as .33 net cubic ft. 

This is a great compact sub for sound quality applications, and custm high performance motorcyle systems. 

The SW6.5 is built in the USA with the same high performance materials found in our 9500 Series such as a; high temperature coil, american made spider, EROM surround  and Free Flow Cooling motor. 

The SW6.5 also utilizes our new Composite Spider System that greatly reduces break-in time while increasing linearity, smoothness and sound quality.

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