Digital Designs 6.5" mid-bass woofer DDW6.5-S4


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The W6.5 mid-bass/mid-range driver was designed to deliver the widest possible bandwidth while providing a fast transient response with high levels of long term power handling. The DDW6.5 makes an excellent subwoofer in space limited systems and great for high powered mid-bass applications.

The cone is a light weight but highly rigid Synthetic Fiber Blend cone engineered for high speed propagation of sound. The result is clear and distinguished transfer of sound from the cone to the air. Our multi-layer spider with laminated lead wires provides ultra low distortion, smooth, linear excursion for breathtaking reproduction.

The CnC machined motor has our Free Flow Cooling System integrated for maximum heat dissapation. The copper clad pole piece provides the ultimate in shorting ring technology to provide the most dynamic, low distortion transient response.

Ultra hard glue joints with fiber reinforcement keep energy transfer as high as possible to the cone for clean, crisp upper midrange response.

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