Digital Designs 12" 600 series subwoofer DD0612


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The 600 Series is a great entry point for a higher performance system design that keeps the vehicle as close to stock as possible. The 600 Series will perform like a boss on as little as 300-600 Watts per, meaning even multiple woofer systems can be driven with one moderate powered amplifier. This keeps electrical upgrades minimal with less added strain on the vehicle. It has a high energy, double stack motor paired with a laminated triple layer poly cotton spider suspension. The 600 Series works best with vented and multi-order enclosures.

600 Series Features:

Double Stitched EROM Surrounds
High-temp 2.5”, aluminum former voice coil
Laminated Spiders
Non-pressed paper cones
Cooling vent equipped baskets
Back plate coil gap venting
Extended pole piece

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